Software List

  • GTServer
    • Panster (Line 1)
    • Panster (Line 4)
    • Shoutbox
    • iVista
    • Apache
  • GTServer1
    • Personal WebVideo
    • APC UPS software
    • IIS Web Server
    • SUS Windows Updates
    • DNS Server
    • DHCP Server
    • CamServer - SpeedDome camera
  • GTServer2
    • Apache2
    • Motion (Line 7)
    • WordPress
    • Gallery
  • Plywood
    • CamServer - PictureTel PTZ-2N camera

Panster was programmed by my cousin, Mark. It is specifically designed to work with my homemade Pan/Tilt cameras on Lines 1 and 4 as well as the OSD (On Screen Display) Video Switcher I made. It is closed source and not available for downlaod. It's no good to anybody besides him and myself anyway. He plans on reprogramming it again some day in C++.

Shoutbox is the result of a year of total frustration and pain. Shoutbox allows you to send messages to the LED sign on Line 2. The LED sign uses such a bizzare and twisted serial protocol, it basically took Mark and I a year or so to figure it out. Parts of the protocol are still shrouded in mystery and will probably stay that way forever. If you used to work for SilentRadio back before they went bankrupt in 1998, WE HAVE A FEW QUESTIONS FOR YOU! :-)

iVista is a nice webcam program. It can stream video, audio, and your computer desktop. I am using it for one video stream and one audio stream (sometimes).

You should know what Apache is... You don't? ok, it's only THE most popular and FREE http server in the universe! I run all my web pages off Apache servers. You can download Apache http server for free at
I'd like to note that most of the HTML on my site was done by myself using Dreamweaver. Howerver my cousin Mark and my brother Steve help a lot with those hard to reach places. Like anything that has to do with scripting or PHP. :-)

Personal WebVideo:
Personal WebVideo is a small and simple MPEG video streaming program.

CamServer is programmed by my friend, Dave, who lives in the UK. He's into cameras and webcams as much as I am. Maybe even more. :-) He has a flavor of CamServer for several different types of PTZ cameras. You can get CamServer here. Also you can visit his cam page here. For help with basically anything related to PTZ cameras and video conferencing, check out his Yahoo Group.

Motion is an awesome program that runs on Linux. Motion will monitor any number of video inputs on 1 or more capture cards and detect if there is any movement in the video image. If there is, it will save a series of pictures and record MPEG4 videos too! It also works with USB cameras and even network cameras. Motion is an open source GPL project run by Kenneth Lavrsen. You can download Motion here. Motion wiki Also check out Kenneth's web cams at

Has nothing to do with my cams. I use WordPress for my Blog. Dan's Blog