What makes Tiger Cam tick? That's the question I get from a lot of people. Well here's the LONG answer. There's A LOT going on behind the scenes. I can't take credit for it all either. Many people such as my family, friends and Tiger Cam viewers have contributed to making this cam site work the way it does today. I have built a lot of custum hardware such as Pan/Tilt cameras and the OSD video switcher. My cousin, Mark, programed the software that runs my hardware. Also my friend, Dave, programed the servers for my PTZ cameras.

What are the specs of the servers? Click Hardware List to see a detailed list of all the systems and other bits that connect everything togeather. What software controls all the cams? Many different programs. many of which were custum programed for me by others. Some is open source software that anybody can use for free. How is it all connected togeather? Well with all the wires dangling in my room (AKA.. TigerCam Datacenter™), it's a miracle I haven't been strangled to death. LOL Click Video Wiring Diagram and Serial Control Wiring Diagram to check that stuff out.

You may direct any questions or comments to Tiger_Cam@Hotmail.com

Website: http://tigercam.gliebetronics.com
Blog: http://blog.gliebetronics.com